WWE Sheds Positive Light During Dark Times

Updated: May 19, 2020

During a time of unparalleled uncertainty, where gloom has risen across all four corners of the globe due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, happiness and hope are hard emotions to come-by.

But after the recent showing of Monday Night Raw last week following the ‘Money In The Bank’ pay-per-view, the WWE has poked a hole to release such positivity into the world of professional wrestling.

RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, had widely publicised that she would be making a ground-breaking announcement on the longest-running episodic television show in history - she definitely delivered.

With tears flowing down each eye, rushing uncontrollably down her cheek, she stood alone in the squared circle with a mic in her hand and a choke in her Limerick Irish accent.

Before she could break the news, she was interrupted by Asuka – who had claimed the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase in a unique match-up at the WWE Headquarters on Sunday.

‘The Irish Lass Kicker’ opened the briefcase and unearthed her title to deliver into the arms of the ‘Empress of Tomorrow’ who reacted in such an emphatic frenzy of gratitude and disbelief, dancing around the empty Performance Centre in Florida.

Marking the end to her unmatched 399-day-reign as RAW Women’s Champion – but why?

In her Irish twang, she muttered the words; “You can go and be a warrior, ‘cuz I’m going to go and be a mother.” And just like that, a blinding light shone down on a world that has known nothing but darkness during the past few months.

Way too often the WWE have had bad press during these troubling times, especially following the dark day of Wednesday 15 of April, but finally, a feel-good story to come out of all this – Lynch is expecting a child with fellow WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

As the director called "scene", on one of the most important women’s title reigns in history, it’s time to look back at why Becky Lynch’s reign will be remembered so vividly.

‘The Man’ Finally Gets Her Comeuppance and Becomes a Trailblazer

Becky Lynch has long been considered one of the Four Horsewomen who never got her just deserts; a stable that consisted of 12-time-champion Charlotte Flair and five-time champions Bayley and Sasha Banks – Lynch had only ever won two SmackDown Women’s Titles before she made history in 2019.

She was universally loved by the WWE Universe, people adored her witty charm and wild child attitude. She was fantastic in the ring and entertaining on the mic, but she never seemed to get what everyone felt that her hard work had deserved.

But as the Royale Rumble came around, the Irishwoman battled and overcame fellow adversary Charlotte Flair and 28 other female superstars to earn herself that WrestleMania moment that she had battled so long to claw her hands upon.

Ass kicker soon became history maker as it was announced that, for the very first time in history, women would be main evening WrestleMania, in New Jersey – the place where her historic reign was born.

Toppling the challenge of Flair and UFC legend Ronda Rousey, this was Becky Lynch’s crowning moment in the WWE – where ‘The Man’ became ‘The Champ’ as she held both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championships.

Feuds of Epic Proportions

It’s safe to say that, like most reigns, there were some duds when it came to rivalries. The ones with Natalya and Lacey Evans spring to mind in being a few of those that started and ended with a whimper.

But it seemed to be whenever ‘The Man’ shared the squared circle with either Asuka or Sasha Banks was when Lynch had some of her better matches during her lengthy time as champ.

Lynch v Banks at Hell in a Cell last April was arguably the best match full stop. Much like their classic of a bout during their spell in NXT at Unstoppable in 2015, they tore the house down. An encounter enriched with weapon-ridden destruction and mouth jarring spots, a match of the year contender for sure. The pair have some pure palpable chemistry between the ropes.

The feud with ‘The Boss’ was entertaining outside of the ring also, involving some real-life drama and controversial rumours, it was must-see television.

Best not forget Lynch’s encounters with Asuka, especially at the Royale Rumble as the Empress fell to the deadly dis-arm-her in a promising match-up. As we met the crescendo of her reign to that very woman, it’s not wrong to say that the title is now in good hands going forward.

One More Huge Battle to Come

Becky Lynch’s reign as ‘The Man’ of World Wrestling Entertainment has met its hopefully temporary end. As the professional wrestling world is scampering through one of the industry’s most important periods, Lynch is entering hers.

Her reign was far from perfect, sure. But it was so significant in the grand scheme and history of women’s sport. She was part of one of the most important matchups in the history of women’s wrestling, to headline the Show of the Immortals is an honour not many can list on their CV’s.

Who knows when we next see Lynch doing what she loves again, because she has more than herself to think of going into the future. For the first time, she’s got the battle of motherhood to venture into and if anything is for sure, she’ll have it down for the count of three.

This article was written exclusively for golear.co.uk