Salary Cap an 'Ideal' Way To End Excessive Spending in Football

In the current economic situation, football clubs are having to tighten their belts like never before.

Recently, FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke out about this financial situation by suggesting that there may well be a need to introduce salary caps in football, post-COVID-19.

The curtailment of some leagues, along with the absence of paying spectators, will certainly have far-reaching effects on all clubs in football - bar the wealthiest clubs such as PSG and Real Madrid. Infantino now feels that this is the time for the game to take a step back and seriously reflect on this growing concern.

“I heard some interesting proposals on a wide range of topics.” he said. “From salary caps to transfer fee caps, to the possible obligation of governing bodies to contribute to a reserve fund which can be of assistance in hours of need such as now.”

He also promised to look into the number of matches top players are asked to play each season. But, after all, isn't it FIFA who are responsible for the extreme demands of players?

Surely, at some point in the coming months, there must be a situation where lower wages will have to happen at every single Premier League club. Days of players earning millions of pound per year will eventually end.

Another possibility could well be a gradual phasing out of the transfer fee system. But, the most likely way forward, in my opinion, would be to bring in a salary cap in all leagues in English football - including non-league level.

I'm sure a salary cap would be an unpopular decision with the cream at the top of the Premier League, but if it was introduced it would give every side in their appropriate league the chance to become more competitive.

Yes, the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd’s would suffer. But, by bringing in a financial cap, this would give other sides a much better chance of aiming for a top-six finish.

If this idea was introduced into football at all levels it would always be open to some sides breaking the cap rule, which has happened recently in Rugby Union with Saracens being punished for their misdemeanours.

It would also see the end of excessive spending by most clubs and, in doing so, secure their chances of surviving in the crazy world of football for many years to come.

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